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After finding that her husband has been unfaithful, Carmela decides to take matters into her own hands while underestimating the cost. Soon she is trapped in a world of blackmail and deception.



More About Death Do Us Part

Death Do Us Part was conceived by Juan Daniel Zavaleta after hearing women in his life say what they'd do to their husbands if they ever caught them cheating. "It was just a wacky little film that I thought I'd have fun with. This might be the only time I step away from the faith-based genre."


This movie was produced using inspiration from Hitchcock and Tarantino in terms of "suspense" and "humor". While it was the most financially deprived film produced by Juan Daniel Zavaleta, it still managed to win the 'BEST FEATURE' award at the 2010 Naperville Independent Film Festival and was also nominated for 'Best Actress' and 'BEST DIRECTOR'. It also screened as part of the Chicago Latino Film Festival that same year.


"While I enjoyed seeing and hearing the audience react to the humor and suspense of Death Do Us Part, it left me feeling empty - as a filmmaker. While the audience reaction is what normally feeds the filmmaker, I am used to my films and videos providing something deeper for them. Something that they can take away long after the movie is done. When we screened our most recent film Glorious, I was approached by multiple people in tears at every screening. Every person spoke to me about the power and importance of the film and how others needed to see it. They all spoke of the hope and inspiration that the movie left them with. I also continue to receive similar emails from around the world in regards to my first film, El Evangelista (The Evangelist). Those are the films that I want to continue making!" Juan Daniel Zavaleta


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